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23-Jun-2017 16:10

Kim Jong-un’s uncle was killed after being stripped naked and fed to a pack of hungry dogs, according to reports in a Chinese state-backed newspaper.

North Korea has already described Jang Song Thaek as “despicable human scum, worse than a dog,” but the report, which appears in Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po newspaper, suggests he may have met his end in the jaws of dogs.

The defector, who left North Korea in 2009 when it was easier for brokers to falsify South Korean passports, said he picked up on the information after he began listening to South Korean and U. "So I thought, if Kim Jong Il dies, there's hope for me," the defector said.

Any hopes were dashed as he listened to news from Radio Free Asia, or Korean-language broadcasts of Voice of America, of the likelihood of an inexperienced heir taking the helm.

Pictured above, Kim Jong Un (front center) is followed by Jang Song Thaek (left) inas he salutes beside the hearse carrying the body of his late father Kim Jong Il during a funeral procession in Pyongyang Jang had been seen as the leading supporter of Chinese-style economic reforms and an important link between Pyongyang and Beijing.

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"People were dying on the streets because there was no one to bury them, especially if their parents or siblings had already died," Kim said.Jang Song Thaek was a key member of North Korea's first family, a man widely seen as regent to leader Kim Jong-un, In all, at least eight people from Jang's circle were executed in the purge - alongside the director himself.

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