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Now that she's in high school, she meets a cute (kind of short) boy named Haruka, and a big bad boy named Shindou and...(Source: Perfect Illusions)13-year-old ballet student Ahiru is clumsy, good-hearted and sweet... The mysterious Drosselmayer morphed a young duck into a girl to give her a mission: help a Prince to get the parts of his heart back. Chuugaku 1-nensei: Koi Miman (Middle School: Less Than Love) 3.But, one day, he is forced to take care of a kitten he received from his mother who is in the middle of divorce.Seeking help from the resident cat-lover in the student council, Shiraishi Kotoko, there is...?! However, Neji finds out his fiancé will be used as a guinea pig for the research facility's medical research and desperately tries to escape. It doesn’t take long for the GERA to discover Neji’s extremely powerful and unnatural powers and to make him into one of their mercenaries.

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No matter how much he tries, only insults come out of his mouth.With her brother's influence, China grew up to become very boyish.But she is a 15 year-old girl who dreams from her heart for a romantic relationship. (Source: ANN)A cool high school romance laced with the thrill of street dancing!

In the second part, Neji encounters his nephew, who is also created from GERA and both begin on their journey through the future where human-like robots are used as slaves. After being cryogenically frozen by the GERA, the ESP research facility, for 40 years, Neji wakes up.