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18-Aug-2017 16:51

But the hook up only lasted 24 hours, then they went their separate ways. Gonzalez still hasn’t opened up about the relationship. The actress took over the iconic role, once interpreted by Salma Hayek in 1996, Santanico Pandemonium. A debut with this character that is described as the mistress of evil and the central figure in an ancient cult of bloodsucking vampires.But according to Hollywood Life, Hemsworth told Miley that he found out that Gonzalez was just using him popularity and tipping off photographers. Now Gonzalez is following her footsteps in the new TV adaptation, you can watch it on Netflix. She has the power to stare deep into a person’s soul and know their deepest desires. Cotrona plays the role of Seth Gecko in the TV series. This guy has been with me in the best and worst, and has helped me go through everything with a huge smile on my face. I couldn't be more lucky to have such a beautiful inside out person as my life partner! "On Labor Day we hang out with handsome fellas @DJCotrona #beach #nomakeup #nofilter #LAsun," she posted on Twitter with a picture of the two of them in a car. She's been the topic of discussion ever since she was caught making out with Miley Cyrus' ex, Liam Hemsworth and I don't mean that in a good way. These two are officially an item and Eiza confirmed it herself on Twitter with the sweetest message ever!In one, he poses in front of the pyramids at Teotihuacan. For her part, Gonzalez shared pictures of the beach mostly.In the following picture, he said, "Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of Santanico." The composite pictures features both pyramids as well as Eiza Gonzalez, who Cotrona called by her "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" name, Santanico. She shared a few bikini-clad pictures of herself and called one of the locations "paradise." Gonzalez recently announced she was dating Cotrona.The star, who is an actress and singer, has crossed over to Hollywood and left behind telenovelas.She is proudly promoting the third season of her show , and she's also making headlines after being spotted out and about with newly single Calvin Harris.

News learns that this isn't a new couple alert—Calvin is just having fun and enjoying the single life following his public breakup with Taylor Swift. News learns that this isn't a new couple alert—Calvin is just having fun and enjoying the single life following his public breakup with Taylor Swift ."Adam is living the single life now.

He is not in any exclusive relationship at the moment.

Love knows no territory and does not discriminate against skin color.… continue reading »

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This caused friction between Taj and Coko, who felt that Taj's recognizable face and cheerful demeanor shielded her from criticism from the press.… continue reading »

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