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02-Dec-2017 03:33

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When a widow decides to enter into a new marriage, she should be able to let go of this link to her past relationship.Holding on to such an emotion-filled piece of jewelry can cause unnecessary tension in a new marriage, where a new spouse needs to know that he now comes first. After Jeff’s death, I wore my wedding and engagement rings almost defiantly. Melt it down to make something new from something old? I have thought a lot about the symbolism of the wedding ring, immersed as I have been in the myriad symbols that have appeared to me unbidden these many months. Many widowed people will tell you they still have plenty of heated marital conversations, albeit one sided (mostly)! I really did feel married, as maybe only another widowed person could understand: how it is possible to remain solidly married even though you’ll never see each other again in this life.

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) in real life, I was not necessarily opposed to it in theory. Clearly, there are lots of kinds of love in this world.For many widows, wearing their ring helps them feel that they still have a bond with their deceased husband.