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In some cases, another option would be to request a sanation, in which the Church simply recognizes the validity of the marriage without a formal ceremony.

This question is sometimes prompted by a desire to incorporate two different faith traditions into the wedding ceremony; couples in this situation have several options for doing so. If one of us is Catholic and one is not, what are our wedding ceremony options? Interchurch Marriages: How to Help Them Succeed At American

It is a very important and necessary contribution: indeed, it has an immediate practical application, since it gives certainty not only to the individual persons involved, but also to all marriages and families (January 28, 2002, Address to the Prelate Auditors, Officials and Advocates of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota). We see in the Holy Father’s words real evidence that the Church desires that couples truly do possible to honor their original first attempt at marital union (remarriages raise other significant questions) even when their attempted marital consent is known to be null.

Even if it means convalidating an invalid marriage.

Such pastoral solicitude is not only for the good of the man and woman, but it is a sincere attempt to do everything possible to preserve stable family life for children who often greatly suffer after a permanently severed spousal relationship, concretized by civil divorce.

What I’ve said thus far is the proper backdrop for my headline statement that annulment is a concession to human weakness.

In a later address, he also says: The attitude of the Church is, in contrast [to a “divorce mentality’], favorable to convalidating, where possible, marriages that are otherwise null….Some are incapable of marriage because they were born so; some, because they were made so by others; some, because they have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.Whoever can accept this ought to accept it.” It might be a sobering thought for many if they understood that, just like Jesus tells us regarding Moses and divorce, the whole existence of the annulment process is a consequence of the same “hardness of heart” that compelled Moses to permit divorce.Not Just “A Mere Formality” As this might seem far from familiar, let me share the words of Pope St.

John Paul II regarding a specific canon in the Code of Canon Law, regarding the duty of the tribunal judges who take on marriage cases: Can.What a lot of people miss, however, is this: When a divorced Catholic irreparable. There’s More The Church’s priority on indissolubility raises other vital, but often overlooked questions for the divorced Catholic—what if I believe in my heart that my marriage really for better or worse, until death do us part, even if I’m abandoned by my spouse, it doesn’t automatically mean that I “need” an annulment.

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