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These differences are caused by the different lipophilicity of the various side chains, and by the different food matrices in which they occur. Minimum daily requirements of vitamin K have not been fully evaluated.

Adults may need about 50 to 100 mcg a day which can be obtained through diet.

Studies have been done using much, much higher dosage of vitamin K, up to 45 mg a day.

For long term supplementation, a daily dose in the range of 50 to 500 micrograms should be sufficient in those who are interested in using vitamin K supplements for bone strength. It is difficult to know exactly how much is best, but a range of 60 to 150 mcg is reasonable.

Since it is involved in blood coagulation, deficiency can cause easy bruising.

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It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is easily depleted and poorly stored, requiring dietary replenishing given that it cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities to meet the requirements of humans and higher mammals.Early research suggested that low vitamin K status is associated with low bone mass and an increased risk of fracture in elderly patients.