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07-Nov-2017 22:32

Like most single New Yorkers, Brett and Lindsay both joined the bandwagon and signed up for a few dating apps and websites.On February 3, 2015, Brett messaged Lindsay on Ok Cupid.Both rarely used this website, but Lindsay thought Brett was cute and replied to his message. Lindsay wondered why it took him so long to reply, but she was hopeful and decided to talk to Brett again (Nice one Brett! The two of them talked about favorite TV shows, hobbies, work, etc.

All were happy for the couple and couldn't wait to celebrate with them in a few days.In the room were Lindsay's parents, brother who came in from Maryland, and Brett's parents and siblings who came in from Florida!Finally Brett told Lindsay he had one more surprise for her.In the bar were all of Brett and Lindsay's closest friends!

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Brett had told them all a few days ago, and no one had ruined the surprise!

Brett asked Lindsay for drinks at Summit Bar on Avenue C, an avenue Lindsay rarely ventured to, but she decided it was ok…